How I accidentally met an actor yesterday from a big-name movie

Hancock, Peter Berg, Will Smith, Charlize Theron
The promotional poster for Peter Berg’s “Hancock” (2008), starring Will Smith, Charlize Theron, and Jason Bateman. (Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia).

Everything Happens For A Reason

So, I’m a journalism senior at Colorado State University, and I write for student media. I spent all day yesterday emailing a source, trying to set up an interview for a story, and it worked out best for both of us for me to go where he works a few miles away from campus that afternoon. I don’t have a car, and it was hot, so I didn’t want to walk all the way back to the bus station after the interview and wait an hour or so for the next bus to my apartment, four miles south of CSU; I called a taxi, made conversation with the driver by telling him about my day, and, when he found out I’m a film journalist, he told me…

…He Was An Actor In Peter Berg’s Hancock (2008)

I won’t say which actor, because he probably doesn’t know that I’m blogging about this (although I mentioned my blog to him), but he wasn’t an extra – he was an actor, with a named character, pretty high up in the cast list. He had me pull up his IMDB page on my smartphone and everything, so, yes, this really did happen. He became so disillusioned with Hollywood that he moved out to Fort Collins, and he’s working on independent film production here because Denver and Northern Colorado are becoming quite the lucrative entertainment environment (entertainers, take note).

It’s A Small World After All…

What are the odds? I wasn’t even supposed to take a taxi home yesterday, and I wound up meeting a man who acted alongside freaking Will Smith and Charlize Theron, whose Academy Award-winning role in Patty Jenkins’s Mosnter (2003) is one of the greatest screen performances ever delivered. I felt so weird telling this guy, “Turn left here;” I’m still starstruck.

And it’s Hancock, too, a film that I’ve not only heard of, but actually enjoyed (even though I haven’t seen it since it came out). I’ve never understood the lukewarm reception surrounding it. I literally gave a five-dollar tip to Will Smith’s costar.

Needless to say, I immediately pitched a story idea for a feature about his studio to my editor; it’s not often that arts and entertainment journalists get to dig up a “scoop.” Moral of the story is, everyone has a story, even your taxi driver. That’s what I love so much about great films – when they’re done right, they tell stories that you otherwise wouldn’t get to hear.


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